loading a text file into the correct textbox in html

I have been playing with this code and have yet to figure out how to do it. The code is javascript and will save a single textbox value into a text file that can later be loaded back into the textbox. The problem is that I am trying to make it work with multiple text boxes on a website but it either just works on one or it can not separate the information in the text file and just put all the same values from all the boxes into each text box.

Writing GREP Wildcard Script for Illustrator without prompts

I found a script on here that adds percentage symbols to numbers in illustrator. It works great and I figured out way to auto populate the fields with the needed strings to run the code without having to remember what to fill in. However, you still need to hit enter three times to get it to run. Not a huge deal. But, I am using this script to create dozens of graphs per day, and it is kind of annoying. It would be much easier if I could just have the script run without the need for the prompts. Can somebody please help me out with this? Thank you in advance!