Send parameters to webhook on dialogflow sdk v2

I’m trying to send some parameters to dialogflow ( such as username, email, etc but I couldn’t figure it out. The problem is I cannot get/set any specific data (such as username, email, etc.) with Dialogflow v2 Nodejs SDK. I tried to use queryParams.payload (v1: originalRequest) but It didn’t work somehow. Also, I tried to trigger custom event with data but I couldn’t get any event data on the response. Does someone know how to send some specific data for session talk on dialogFlow?

nodejs test hyperledger composer v0.15 fails with Error: Card not found: [email protected]

With the implementation of cards in v0.15, previous versions of test routines which used profiles (obviously) won’t work. However, I cannot find an SDK approach to create the necessary cards to run tests. The ‘before’ section of code up through v0.14 for my tests has looked like the following, which uses an embedded profile, creates a temporary instance of the network and runs the tests: