How to show selected value using javascript in laravel

i want to show the selected value to the select option, the value actually selected but cannot show that value on select option form.
for example i have a 3 value it can be choose is anyaman, cendana, and bakulan. when 1 edit that form with value cendana, the showed value is the first sequence (anyaman) but when i open that select option that focused on the true data value (cendana).

How to show data in select option based on array unique id in vue js

In my Vue components, I have two array called categories and product which is coming from the DB. The categories array is an array of objects like its have id, type, name, value, and products array also have id, type, name, parent_id, value.
parent_id in products is the id of categories. I want to show the products based on categories in the select option. like If categories type A then products will be B, C, D, or If categories type B then products will be X, Y, Z.
How can I do that?