Ctrl + Click on thumbnail in a layer is not selecting a particular area in photoshop cc 2014 & 2015

I’m facing an issue with my Adobe photoshop 2014 and 2015. When I press Ctrl and click on the thumbnail on a layer from layer pallet then it selects the whole boundary of the image. It’s not selecting my particular areas. It’s the same when I am pressing Ctrl + Shift + Click or Ctrl + Shift + I + Click. I need to select my expectation areas by this method. I’ve reset my photoshop by clicking Ctrl + Shift + Alt. But nothing happens.

How can a selection be upscaled in GIMP (without upscaling a layer or canvas)?

When using GIMP’s scale option on a selected image, the entire layer is scaled. Canvas scaling also scales the layer (along with all layers). There are also Transform tools that can scale, unfortunately they also scale the layer, not selection. My workaround is a bit sloppy. Fit canvas to selection, then use scale to desired size, copy and paste back into its original source. Scaling down is similar, but with fewer steps. GIMP is such a great program, I don’t know why scaling a selection is so weird.

Round corners of shape illustrator CS6 version

I am following an illustrator tutorial using CS6 trying to round the corners of a rectangle and I noticed that the small circles that appear on the Illustrator video tutorial on the shape don’t appear in my CS6 version. I know there is effect>round corners in CS6 but I can’t seem to find anything on the internet that mentions this variation in versions?

cloning a selection in Photoshop with a rectangular marquee tool

I’ve come across a new feature to me, when I Ctrl - Alt click on a selection in a layer mask, it makes a copy of that selection and allows me to duplicate the contents of that selected area and move it to another place place within the same layer mask, essentially allowing me to clone areas of a layer mask. All that happened with a rectangular marquee tool active, not the move tool, and the cursor changed to double arrows. What’s “the theory” behind this behaviour? Adobe doesn’t even mention that shortcut on their site.

How can I reuse and modify a lasso selection in GIMP?

I have made a selection using the lasso tool in GIMP (v2.10.14) and I still have it displayed in the selection editor. Can I get my free select points back and edit those? I want to cut out different parts of a figure (whole body, then only the head etc.) and I don’t want to retrace the head all over again while this “marching ants” outline is still showing perfectly around the top of the head.