How to style text product-template.liquid and put an oval around depending on text length Shopify

I am using the prestige theme and I want style my ‘Restocked’ like how you see it with ‘Best Seller’ that has the oval around it and a drop shadow if possible. Below is what I have in the product-template.liquid and I am trying to get the oval to autosize with the text and have a bit of padding to the sides and the top and bottom of the text, just like the picture of the ‘best seller’. Any idea on how to do this?

Shopify REST Admin API – fetch orders by line_items[0].title = something

For context, I am requesting via node-fetch the Shopify Admin REST API orders.json with the queries shown in my code. For some reason, this only returns the latest order regardless of if I add status=any or limit=250 (which is the standard limit for orders). Before I go too much into detail let me show my code so you can understand the query.