“Flattening” a rectangular image photographed at an angle

I have photographs of rectangular images that I would like to “flatten” so that they are truly rectangular, rather than the distorted view that comes from a photograph. I know this is something I should be able to Google, but I can’t think of a technical term to describe what I mean (it’s the process that scanner apps routinely do, essentially “flattening” the photograph).

Art, image creation using hand and software

In several youtube links I didn’t find a guide on how charts make figures of this kind. Surely it could be Adobe Illustrator, the first candidate but surely it could be some other program. To create, for example, a golf man thus more perfect what are the steps? I would to say what are the … Read more

Use Inkscape project in an animation app

I have a few .svg files from Inkscape that I would like to animate. However, I am not aware of a simple-to-use software that would let me paste it in its app and move my vectors in it to create the animation. I’ve tried on OpenToonz and on Krita so far and nothing is pasted when copying my vectors from Inkscape. I’ve just started graphic illustration so I would like a program easy to use to animate my work.

Any tool or tricks to convert the image colors into the colors of another image?

For example you have these two images Your image that you want to change its colors: And the image where you want to based your image colors: The output image should be the first but all its pixel colors are all present on the second image. Any recommended tool or tricks to achieve this? Answers: … Read more