How to call Laravel Model function with parameter into Vuejs (for calculating stock Qunatity)?

I have three model 1.Fertilizer, 2. Fertilizer Stock, 3.Fertilizer Sale. 2 & 3 have foreign key relation(fertilizer_id) & mysql quantity column .
I want to calculate individual Fertilizer stock quantity in my fertilizer model and append with fertilizerController in inertia index page. What’s Wrong with my code?

How to add variation stock status to Woocommerce product variation dropdown

I would like to show the stock status (eg. In Stock / Out of Stock) for each product variation shown in the drop down list of variations on the Woocommerce Product Page. I have copied the relevant function to my theme’s functions.php file, and can edit the content, but am unsure how to pull out the required stock status for each variation.