Convert a pen signature like a marker or fountain pen using the tools on line

Starting from this old question, How to convert a signature from JPG to vector strokes?, or other similar, without to have installed anything on my notebook, is there the possibility to trasform my signature written with a ballpoint pen and make it as if I use a marker or fountain pen?

Any tool or tricks to convert the image colors into the colors of another image?

For example you have these two images Your image that you want to change its colors: And the image where you want to based your image colors: The output image should be the first but all its pixel colors are all present on the second image. Any recommended tool or tricks to achieve this? Answers: … Read more

Best ways to learn all the illustrator tools and commands

What is the best way to learn all the illustrator tools and commands (for a beginner) ? Answers: Thank you for visiting the Q&A section on Magenaut. Please note that all the answers may not help you solve the issue immediately. So please treat them as advisements. If you found the post helpful (or not), … Read more