Traits vs. interfaces

I’ve been trying to study up on PHP lately, and I find myself getting hung up on traits. I understand the concept of horizontal code reuse and not wanting to necessarily inherit from an abstract class. What I don’t understand is: What is the crucial difference between using traits versus interfaces?

PHP traits – defining generic constants

What is the best way to define constants that may be used by a number of classes within a namespace? I’m trying to avoid too much inheritance, so extending base classes is not an ideal solution, and I’m struggling to find a good solution using traits. Is this in any way possible in PHP 5.4 or should a different approach be taken?

return view($viewVariable) from a trait in laravel 8

I have a trait that is being called by several controllers in laravel 8.
Every controller gives the name of the return view allong with function on the trait.
If I do a dd($viewVariable); in the trait then I see the correct refrence to the view. But the trait refuses to return the view. It just gives me a blank screen. First I thought it was a problem with “no quotes”, “singel quote” or dubbel quotes” but I tried every variation but without any succes.

How to use Traits – Laravel 5.2

I’m new to Traits, but I have a lot of code that is repeating in my functions, and I want to use Traits to make the code less messy. I have made a Traits directory in my Http directory with a Trait called BrandsTrait.php. And all it does is call on all Brands. But when I try to call BrandsTrait in my Products Controller, like this: