How can I show a text-output from javascript innerhtml in a div-box without the text overflowing and with html/css styling

I am using [vis.js library][1] to display a network. When you click on a node it should display an info-text about the node in the div-box on the right.
Somehow the text which is collected from the javascript and send to the divbox using *.innerhtml* is not being wrapped inside the div-box and I can’t style it.

add multiple node box selector on the canvas of VisJS network graph in ReactJS

Examples Here is a jQuery example of canvas drawing on the network to select multiple nodes: (or Github) How can this be translated to React? Sandbox I setup react-graph-vis(source) in this sandbox, and added a ref to the Graph: Attempts having trouble adding eventLisnters to the Graph/canvas using a React.createRef() on the ” … Read more