Recently updated VS Code + PHP XDebug – Disable ‘auto expand data’ arrays/objects

A recent update (not sure which, I updated yesterday since cancelling updates since end last year) of Visual Studio Code changed behavior of PHP Debug from XDebug (or even with PHP Tools extension from DEVSENSE) now has this ‘auto-expand-data’ feature, where arrays and objects now shows their values inline of the array/object, which in the case of Magento 2 makes debugging extremely cumbersome now.

Visual Studio Code “debug.javascript.usePreview” Unknown Configuration Setting

The new built-in javascript debug extension in VSCode does not hit breakpoints for node v8.* for me. Breakpoints stay unbound. Everything worked before and I want to use the old node debugging extension. I’ve seen people recommending to just set "debug.javascript.usePreview": "false", but VSC 1.60.0 says that it is an unknown configuration setting.