vue not found in docker container

I am trying to run vue/cli in a docker container.
I started the container went to cli of the container through docker exec -it command and entered the command npm install @vue/cli. Now, when I see the package.json file of the container, I see the package installed but when I try to create a project with the command vue create <project-name> it shows vue command not found.

Using Environment Variables with Vue.js

I’ve been reading the official docs and I’m unable to find anything on environment variables. Apparently there are some community projects that support environment variables but this might be overkill for me. So I was wondering if there’s something simple out of the box that works natively when working on a project already created with Vue CLI.

Docker container running vue-cli Welcome Page on localhost: This site can’t be reached

Question I would like to see the vue-cli welcome page in chrome, running from a Docker Container on my Mac. I am struggling to set up the proper configuration for this to work. What am I missing? Here is what I have tried. Steps Installed Docker for Mac – 17.12.0-ce npm 5.6.0 vue-cli 2.9.3 Command … Read more