Laravel Fortify, Vuex. Array to string conversion error. FortifyServiceProvider.php line 40. What’s going on?

I spent nearly whole day to figure out what’s going on. I have login vue component the email and password values need to be sent to server. But the Login controller is built in Fortify controller, so I don’t know why I’m getting error 500 and error 422 (I get them different times, not the same time, but they are the only results that I get with my various experiments). I created js file for vuex storage methods and modules and used in module and this.$store.dispatch in login vue component.

Laravel8 | Vuex: POST error 500 (Internal Server Error)

I’ve been learning Vue and Laravel for the last 2 months and recently I started to work on a project in order to apply all the knowledge I’ve learned so far. I set several GET and POST routes successfully but for some reason, this request keeps failing.
I’m trying to set a simple POST request using Vuex, Laravel and Axios but I keep on getting the 500 (Internal Server Error) and I’m not sure what is causing it. I have the feeling that it may be that the Model is not correctly set up, bcs if I output the data that the controller received, it looks correct but when I instantiate the model and save the data to DB I get the error.

Vuex Laravel Loads all data

I’ve been trying to load all of my data when the time I log in. Currently, I’ve only managed to display data through the console through vuex file. I just want to achieve this because wherever it loads all data when login, it will easier for me to call every function on every page.

Vuex state management Vs Vue simple state management

I’m relatively new to using Vue.js. I am developing a webapp (using Laravel for the backend) and I was wondering what the difference, in terms of security, was between using Vuex and the simple state management of Vue.js. Let me explain: during registration/login I would like to save the user identifier (id or access token): … Read more