Single-Page vs Multi-Page and Server-Side vs Client-Side

I am currently researching the benefits and disadvantages of SPA (Single-Page Applications) vs MPA (Multi-Page Applications).
Having established that MPA is more suitable for my project, I proceeded to discuss Server-Side Rendering vs Client-Side Rendering.
But as I was doing that, I noticed that a lot of benefits, arguments, etc. overlap with arguments in SPA vs MPA.
My conclusion was that pure client-side rendering is not possible with an MPA and therefore I have to proceed with server-side rendering combined with client-side (to update small pieces of information). Is my conclusion right?

Difference between corporate design and brand design?

Hi guys I need your help! For a study project I have to change the appearance of a real company. Now it looks like the company A want to implement a new project. This should not adopt the design of company A. It should not be recognizable that company A is behind the project. For the project they want a logo, typography, colors, a website (online trade) etc..

Should an organization have more than one design system?

Design Systems are very popular in organizations right now. They typically are used for a consistent component library across products in an organization. I’ve read that cross-disciplinary teams can benefit from the design system. However I cannot find actionable examples of a marketing team benefitting much from a design system.