When I scale an element I want see the vertical overflow but set invisible the horizontal overflow

I have several .cards inside my container. When I go with the mouse over a card I zoom in the card with the property scale(1.5). But I want that the zoomed in card overflow the container instead the part in overflow isn’t visible. To understand what is my goal it’s enough remove the overflow-x and overflow-y properties from the container. But in my case this isn’t a solution beacause I don’t want an horizontal scroll bar. Thus I thought to set: overflow-x:hidden and overflow-y:visible but doesn’t work. Someone can detect the problem and point out me a solution?

Div not going on top of fixed svg CSS

I have this SVG located under nav and similar one on bottom of the view in different color. I have the top one fixed so when I scroll the bottom one goes on top of the top one. That I get to work but for some reason my next section doesn’t want to go over the svg. I hope some CSS guru can help me out with this. Basically I want to hide the top svg under the section-2.