The max apiVersion is 44.0 error

Trying to work through the Quick Start: Lightning Web Components trailhead and getting the following error while running command:

force:org:create -f config/project-scratch-def.json --setalias HelloWorldLightningWebComponent --durationdays 30 --setdefaultusername

ERROR: The configured apiVersion 45.0 is not supported for this org. The max apiVersion is 44.0.

I did not set up a new dev hub environment, but rather enabled devhub in my old dev environment.
Tried updating sfdx-project.json to include “sourceApiVersion”: “44.0”. but no luck.


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Method 1


Just got an update that the Spring ’19 pre-release signup link is now live. You can access it on this link.

You are getting this error because the LWC project expects a version 45.0 (Spring ’19 pre-release org), whereas the current DE sandboxes are still on version 44.0 (Winter ’19).

You will need to signup for the Spring ’19 pre-release DE Org to be used as DevHub for this module. And as of now that’s not available, unless you already have a sandbox which has been upgraded to Spring ’19.

I was in same situation this morning and found out that the signup for pre-release DE Org is not live yet. Refer to this tweet for response from Salesforce.

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