Token expiration doesn’t working – Sanctum, Laravel

What I did:

I added token expiration to application that has login system, by changed null to 1 minute expiration in sanctum.php file:

| Expiration Minutes
| This value controls the number of minutes until an issued token will be
| considered expired. If this value is null, personal access tokens do
| not expire. This won't tweak the lifetime of first-party sessions.`enter code here`

'expiration' => 1,


It doesn’t work, the app still accept authorized requests all the time. Nothing has changed.


  • Create token (login):

$tokenResult = $user -> createToken('authToken') -> plainTextToken;
return response() -> json([
  'status_code' => 200,
  'access_token' => $tokenResult,
  'token_type' => 'Bearer',
  • Verify token:

Route::group(['middleware' => 'auth:sanctum'], function () {

  • Delete token (log out):

 return response()->json([
     'status_code' => 200,


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Method 1

You might need to clear your config cache. Try to run php artisan config:clear in your terminal

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