Too many filters – You can only create up to 20 field filters : on a Tabular Report

I am creating a Tabular report on Contacts.
Contacts object has got many customized fields as well.
I want to list few details of all my contacts (contact of type ‘Student’) who has got certain fields (around 23) non-empty.

I started adding the filters as below..

Filter Logic: 1 AND (2 OR 3 OR 4 OR 5 OR 6 OR 7 OR 8 OR 9 OR 10 OR 11 OR 12 OR 13 OR 14 OR 15 OR 16 OR 17 OR 18 OR 19 OR 20)
1. Contact Record Type equals “Student”
2. Career Interests not equal to “”
3. Career Interest Details not equal to “”
20. Preference in Country to travel to not equal to “”

Now on adding any further filter for remaining fields, I get the following message:
“Too many filters – You can only create up to 20 field filters”

Can someone please guide me, how I could create these report as I have around 24 filters?


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Method 1

Create a formula field on the contact object that checks if all the fields you are looking at are blank and filter on that field and the contact recordtype.

formula field:

 ISBLANK( field1__c),
 ISBLANK( field2__c),
 ISBLANK( field3__c),

Method 2

you can also bundle together filters that are on the same field and use comma separated values like

field1_c equals 1,2,3,4
_c equals “this”, “that”

that should save you some space

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