Unique click reporting discrepancies

I’m having an issue reconciling the reported unique link clicks vs the link-by-link display in the Email Studio > Sends > Click Activity.

This is on the journey overview page:
This is on the journey overview page

This is on the click activity page:
enter image description here

This issue is that the overview page is showing 17,500 clicks, but the click activity page is showing a subtotal of ~ 29,800.
When I pulled a report based on all these link clicks from the data view _click, I am getting close to the 17,500 (though not exact).


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Method 1

Click activity page is separated out by UniqueClickbyURL (I believe), so there would be more clicks if you added all the links unique clicks together.

This is because the same person can click on multiple links – and each will show as a unique value.


  1. Joe clicks link A, B, C, and D in your email.
  2. Joe will count as just 1 unique click in job click tracking and in _click dataview.
  3. Inside the click activity page, Joe will count as 4 unique clicks as the unique column is based solely on the URL. So Joe would show up in link A as unique, link B as unique, link C as unique and link D as unique.

Another way to view UniqueClickbyURL is inside a tracking extract. See below Screen Shot for where you would need to ‘check’ to receive this info:

Include Unique For URLClicks

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