Update nested object using Object.assign

I have the following object. This object gets assigned a new value when the user clicks on a button.

state = {
  title: '',
  id: '',
  imageId: '',
  boarding: {
    id: '',
    test: '',
    work: {
      title: '',
      id: ''

My updated object looks like:
state = {
  title: 'My img',
  id: '1234',
  imageId: '5678-232e',
  boarding: {
    id: '0980-erf2',
    title: 'hey there',
    work: {
      title: 'my work title',
      id: '456-rt3'

Now I want to update just work object inside state and keep everything the same. I was using Object.assign() when the object was not nested but confused for nesting.
Object.assign({}, state, { work: action.work });

My action.work has the entire work object but now I want to set that to boarding but this replaces everything that is in boarding which is not what I want.


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Method 1

You should manually merge deep object properties, try following:

Object.assign({}, state, { 
  boarding: Object.assign({}, state.boarding, {
    work: action.work

or with spread operator
  boarding: {
    work: action.work

Method 2

If merging them manually as @dhilt suggested is not an option, take a look at lodash’s merge.

You can use mergeWith if you want to customise the merge behaviour, e.g. merge arrays instead of overriding.

Method 3

You can use Object.assign to update nested objects, for example:

Object.assign(state.boarding, { work: action.work })

This will update the state in place with the new work properties.

Method 4

If you just want to update work, you don’t need any sort of merge. Just do

state.boarding.work = action.work;

Are you concerned with immutability, you can make a copy of state and then update work.

Method 5

I can see you’re using Redux. There’s a great article in the docs about updating objects in an immutable way. I suggest you read it: http://redux.js.org/docs/recipes/reducers/ImmutableUpdatePatterns.html

Also, people usually use libraries for this, like Immutable.js or seamless-immutable, which don’t make your code that disgusting to look at 🙂

Method 6

> Use JavaScript spread operator:

{ ...user, staff_information: { nid: e.target.value }

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