Use Ampscript to change the subject line based on data extension value

How can I use a boolean value passed through the data extension to determine the subject line? The subject line won’t be stored in the data extension, it should be placed in the template.

If "status" == 0 show subject line "a" else if "status" == 1 show subject line "b".


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Method 1

You can do it if you just click on the subjectline and the bolt next to it, then you can create dynamic subject lines. But depending on your use case you maybe even want to do it with ampscript.

In the subjectline paste



VAR @status, @subjectline
SET @status = [dataextensioncolumnname]

IF @status == 0 THEN
    SET @subjectline = 'text'
ELSEIF status == 1 
    SET @subjectline = 'text'
ELSEIF status == 2
    SET @subjectline = 'text'
ELSEIF status == 3
    SET @subjectline = 'text'
/* default subject line*/
    SET @subjectline = 'text'

Make sure to paste the ampscript at the right point

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