Use Named Credentials with a SOAP WSDL2APEX class

SF allowed the usage of Named Credentials with SOAP callouts but the documentation doesn’t really go into details of how to pass/access the Username and Password to the stub.inputHttpHeaders_x . I have a webservice that uses basic authentication and I need to pass the details as below.

final String authHttpHeader = 'Basic ' + EncodingUtil.base64Encode( Blob.valueOf( User_Name + ':' + Password ) );
stub.inputHttpHeaders_x.put( 'Authorization', authHttpHeader );
stub.endpoint_x = 'callout:My_Named_Credential'

If some can give an example of how to access the username/password from the named credentials that will be a great help.


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Method 1

I haven’t tested this, but when you are creating your Named Credential you have the option to tick “Generate Authorization Header”, which should do this for you automatically:

enter image description here

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