Using a http://192.168 address for a local laravel rest API

Im upgrading from laravel 7 to laravel 8 and Im trying to make a http request to a laravel API hosted locally. If I use http://localhost or, the requests give a response. But if I use a http://192.168.x.x address, I get an error Error: connect ECONNREFUSED. How do I use http://192.168.x.x ?


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Method 1

Access Laravel project over a network using IP

1- Identify your IP Address

on windows

on linux

2-Run your project
php artisan serve –host= –port=8000

3-Access your project via browser (on remote)

Possible Issues:

If your firewall is enabled, remote system might me blocked access.
– for this, you can either disable firewall completey on your local system
– or, enable certain port
In linux to allow a port

ufw status
ufw enable 8000

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