Using MySQL REGEXP to filter string with Django ORM

I have a model which have FileField field and in this model we have millions of records.

class MyModel(models.Model):
    media = models.FileField(upload_to=my_function, db_index=True)

These media records are stored in database like;

  • media/some/folder/filename.jpg
  • media/filename.jpg
  • media/2021091240-10328.JPG
  • media/aXay-123.jpeg
  • media/some/another/folder/202110-12-12.jpeg

etc. and I need to find records which are not have nested path like /some/folder/ or /some/another/folder/ with django orm __iregex lookup.

So, I tried something like;


but it does not match and I do not understand to write proper regex [mysql regexp].

How can I do filter with mysql regexp with using Django orm to get records with only have pattern like; media/filename.extension?


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Method 1

Your regex has no quantifier, and thus will pick exactly one character for the [0-Aa-zA-Z-] character group.

You can simply filter out elements that contain at least two slashes with:


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