Vue js laravel 8 routing

I am still confused when i try to add a route path in vue router such as :

        path: '/admin/blog/archived_blogs',
        name: 'ArchivedBlogs',
        meta: { title: 'Archived Blog' },
        component: ArchivedBlog

everything works fine apart from deleting where i get error
405(Method not allowed)

The POST method is not supported for this route. Supported methods:

all i can do is change the path to

   path: '/admin_blog_archived_blogs',
   name: 'ArchivedBlogs',
   meta: { title: 'Archived Blog' },
   component: ArchivedBlog

the current web route i use is

Route::get('/{slug?}', [HomeController::class, 'index'])->where('slug', '[/w.-]*')->name('home');

Any advice ?


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Method 1

you need to use any() to catch all the methods as well


Route::any('/{slug?}', [HomeController::class, 'index'])->where('slug', '[/w.-]*')->name('home');

for SPA i use

Route::any('{all}', [HomeController::class, 'index'])
    ->where('all', '^(?!api).*$')
    ->where('all', '^(?!storage).*$');

like this so all the web related route handle Vuejs and storage or api route handel by laravel

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