What is BetterJsPop error on chrome?

I am getting this error on Chrome with my React.js app. But on Mozilla it is working just fine. Does anybody know what it means or what is this error referring to?

VM1407:20 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot redefine property: BetterJsPop
at Function.defineProperty (<anonymous>)
at inject (<anonymous>:20:10)
at <anonymous>:510:11
at <anonymous>:511:11


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Method 1

I figured out that it was “Fair Ad Block” chrome extension issue. I disabled and reenabled extensions and found the ad blocker was causing the issue. I removed the extension and my code is running very well again.

Method 2

It’s part of the “Better Js Popunder Script”, a JavaScript library to show popup/popunder windows with advertisements (and break your navigation at the same time). I may well be included in some Chrome extensions.


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