Where does WAMP server store database files

My hard-drive has encountered some problems and I am unable to boot Windows with it.

I am able to view the drive’s contents by connecting it to another PC as an external drive.

On the culprit drive I was running a local WAMP server for dev purposes and I’m looking to save the mySQL databases from it.

I can see my wamp directory at E:wamp. Is it possible to start up the server from here so as to use phpmyadmin to perform a mysqldump? If not what are my options to recover the DB-


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Method 1

On my system, they are in C:Program Files (x86)WampServerbinmysqlmysql5.1.53data. So in yours they would be in E:wampbinmysqlmysql-versiondata.

You can start mysql locally from E:wampbinmysqlmysql-versionbin, where all the executables are. Be aware that the configuration file you want to use is E:wampbinmysqlmysql-versionmy.ini.

You can also simply copy all the subdirectories to another server. I’m no MySql expert, but that should let the other server use your databases without problem.

Method 2

I needed to re-install Wamp and I recovered my databases by copying the data directory in wampbinmysqlmysql-version from a backup, phpMyAdmin picked up the databases and tables.

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