Fix M2 issue when using the same DB with WordPress

The problem

Error message when running setup:upgrade:

“Cannot process definition to array for type tinytext”


“Types char is not declared”

The problem is Magento 2 doesn’t support some data types, it doesn’t allow them in its DB:

  • enum
  • time
  • mediumint
  • tinytext
  • char

My suggestion: Don’t ever use the same database with WordPress!!!

How to fix?

1. The painful way:

Step 1: Find the table that contains the disallow type (using PHPMyAdmin)

Step 2: Replace the types mediumint by int.

Step 3: Repeat step 1 with these types:

  • tinytext -> text
  • char -> varchar
  • time -> currently I don’t know what type can replace time type without causing an error.
  • enum -> Please use “The temporary way” because there is no alternative type that can replace enum.

Step 4: Try to run setup:upgrade again.

2. The temporary way:

Disable the exception follow this answer. Please note that this way doesn’t fix the issue because it just temporarily bypasses it.

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