How can I get dict from sqlite query?

If returning a tuple doesn’t suffice
and you want name-based access to
columns, you should consider setting
row_factory to the highly-optimized
sqlite3.Row type. Row provides both
index-based and case-insensitive
name-based access to columns with
almost no memory overhead. It will
probably be better than your own
custom dictionary-based approach or
even a db_row based solution.

Get data from pandas into a SQL server with PYODBC

I am trying to understand how python could pull data from an FTP server into pandas then move this into SQL server. My code here is very rudimentary to say the least and I am looking for any advice or help at all. I have tried to load the data from the FTP server first which works fine…. If I then remove this code and change it to a select from ms sql server it is fine so the connection string works, but the insertion into the SQL server seems to be causing problems.