403 – Forbidden: Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied

I have my website. First time I can successfully login.

Default address:


I typed this on browser and I redirected to my login page:

I entered my login credential and log into the site.

After some time I opened a new tab and enter my website address


Now it gives me an error:

403 – Forbidden: Access is denied.
You do not have permission to view this directory or page using
the credentials that you supplied.

The whole story is this: if I am not logged on my site, then I can open my site number of tabs and browsers. But as soon as I logged in my site, I am getting the error above.

 <authentication mode="Forms">
  <forms name="MMFormAUTH" loginUrl="Pages/LandingPage.aspx" defaultUrl="Pages/LandingPage.aspx" timeout="60" protection="All" slidingExpiration="true" enableCrossAppRedirects="false" requireSSL="false" />
  <deny users="?" />
<sessionState cookieless="false" cookieName="abc" mode="InProc" timeout="60">
<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="1000240" executionTimeout="120" />


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Method 1

Try this

 <allow  users="?" />

Now you are using <deny users="?" /> that means you are not allowing authenticated user to use your site.

authorization Element

Method 2

I had the same problem. It turned out that I didn’t specify a default page and I didn’t have any page that is named after the default page convention (default.html, defult.aspx etc). As a result, ASP.NET doesn’t allow the user to browse the directory (not a problem in Visual Studio built-in web server that allows you to view the directory) and shows the error message. To fix it, I added one default page in Web.Config and it worked.

            <add value="myDefault.aspx"/>

Method 3

You can get the same error in Asp.net MVC5 if you have a class name and a folder with a matching name
Example : If you have class lands where when you want to see view/lands/index.cshtml file, if you also have a folder with name ‘lands’ you get the error as it first try the lands folder

Method 4

Resolution for 404 Forbidden in recent .Net 4.7 MVC/webform pplication hosting in Azure VM
We need to install the .Net 4.7 and extensibilty and development in server role other than the .Net 4.7/version feature as below:
This might have been alreday activated
.Net Activated feature

We need to also add the below under IIS webserver role-> Application Development -> select the .Net version as below
Image to Activate the requited Role under IIS webserver Role
Server Role Activation under application Development

Method 5

If your using MVC in your project you must use:


More here.

ASP.NET MVC not serving default document

Method 6

In my case, the issue was new sites had an implicit deny of all IP addresses unless an explicit allow was created. To fix: Under the site in Features View: Under the IIS Section > IP Address and Domain Restrictions > Edit Feature Settings > Set ‘Access for unspecified clients:’ to ‘Allow’

Method 7

 <location path="Path/To/Public/Folder">
        <allow users="?"/>

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