How to force Authentication on REST API for Password protected page using custom table and fetch() without Plugin

I am implementing the REST API with fetch() promises as requests on a Password protected page with a custom table without using a plugin (only using the WP REST API that has been merged into WordPress core – thumbs up 👍 WordPress team, that was a smart move, thank you).

Is there any way to get list of all possible filter hooks for all post types?

I would like to code a plugin that injects the custom content to any type of post (post, page, product, any others) but I would like to allow the users to let them select the place of content too. Such as; before/after the title, before/after the content, before/after the comment section, and all other possibilities (e.g. the_content_more_link filter etc).

Display custom post type taxonomy in a WordPress excerpt for current post

Hi there and thanks in advance for any help. I am trying to display custom taxonomies(Themes and Guests)on the current post (of custom post type, Podcasts). I have tried the code below, but I am getting an empty result ie. nothing is showing. I added $post->ID after I realised that the code was working fine, but was displaying ALL categories, not just the ones for the current post.