Web API always can’t connect to MYSQL db after using some days later

I have a Web API, it’s not working which cant connect to that MYSQL server after it working for about 20 days,for it go back to fine I have to restart the server ,thats really bizarre, I tried to connect to that MYSQL server with else toolkit like navicat something during the time that it cant connect to that database, it’s NOT working as well,it just cannt connect to MYSQL databases showing the state code like S1000 or like 10055(I tried to google that code,it doesnt work,I have no idea how to deal with that issue)
my Web API built by C# on VS 2015 with EF 5.0,.NET 4.6 , I deployed it on a Windows 2008 R2 server,there’re 3 web api on the IIS within this web server,and theres else server which is a Windows 2008 r2 as well,it has MYSQL server which version is 5.5,due to i’m just developer,i just log the exeption in the web server level,I tried to find the log files on the MYSQL side,the DBA didn’t log any file on that database which was really unfortuanely

Why is this string showing up from nowhere

I am currently working on a project that creates/drops tables to MySql and also creates the “Posts” that go into each. When I try and run what I have it somehow takes my database name and tries to use it as a table. Any and all help is appreciated! I’m really confused how that value is moving from ConnectionString to SavePost

How to insert a string array into mysql json column

I got a problem.When insert a int array into Mysql with JSON Type,we can write a sql like INSERT INTO table (json_column) VALUES ('[1,2,3]').But when I want to insert a string array, I used INSERT INTO table (json_column) VALUES ("['item1','item2','item3']"), I was prompted with a error: 3140 - Invalid JSON text: "Invalid value." at position 1 in value for column 'test.names'.
What should i do?