TLS 1.2 Using Partner wsdl

I have been using the Partner wsdl to connect to SalesForce from my C# application for a few years. When I found out that SalesForce was turning off TLS 1.0, I did some reading and found out that updating my C# application to the .NET 4.6 Framework should get it to use TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2, so problem solved? No.

SRP6 TrinityCore Implementation wrong?

TrinityCore deprecated the old sha_pass_hash column on the auth table, in favour of the much safer SRP6 method. However, I am unable to properly calculate the verifier in C#/dotnet NOR in PHP using the example provided here. I’ve looked at examples but it doesn’t seem to be working the way that the TrinityCore developers suggest. Does anyone know about SRP6 that might be able to figure out what’s wrong in the code? I’ve also looked at this example but it uses a hardcoded salt? If someone can show me what’s wrong in the PHP I might be able to figure out what’s wrong with the .NET