Select Options disappearing

What’s happening:
I have a form in a modal where the user inputs data. The form is only populated with data when opening the modal, not after submission. The form’s action InsertLabelDefectRobotsT returns a return NoContent(); When the form is submitted the modal stays open and I clear the input values to allow new submissions.

EF Core 5 – How can I use EF.Functions.Like with a custom property that maps to a JSON string?

In one of my DB models I have a property with a custom type (Dictionary<string, string>), which is automatically converted to/from JSON with a custom converter, and is stored as a text field in the database. I would like to be able to use MySQL’s LIKE comparer to search for a string within this JSON field, but I am getting an exception. I don’t care about the JSON’s structure, I’m fine with treating it as a simple text field and searching in it that way.

.NET Core 2.1 Identity get all users with their associated roles

I’m trying to pull out all my Identity users and their associated roles for a user management admin page. I thought this would be reasonably easy but apparently not. I’ve tried following the following solution: but it hasn’t worked out so far.