Can I pass HTML markup as the content for a LWC slot when used in an Aura component?

Currently I have a LWC that has a <slot> inside of it to allow content between the tags. To test said component, I wanted to spin up a scratch org and quickly create a component. Since we can’t create LWC inside the console, I created an Aura component instead.

Please , how to retrieve line items to Visualforce Email Template?

I try to create Visualforce Email Template in order to send our Purchase order (BC) to the supplier So I need to insert inside the mail , all (BC line items ) I begin to create HTML+CSS code , but after with apex , there is an error and I can’t find where is it ?
after testing with the code below I have this kind of message :

How to save html code with if condition in database

I have a rating field in the database. If the value of $rating>0, the button should be disabled otherwise button should be enabled.I am saving the HTML code to database to dispaly. What I have tried is : $user_notification->notification ="Delivery date <b>" .$date."</b> and delivery time <b> ".$time." </b> for the truck " .$truck_name. " … Read more