Hide entire datalist item based on a property

I have a datalist which is populated with values from a database. When the user clicks a checkbox, I want to loop through all of the datalist items and hide all of the items that have the property isActive = false (which is displayed as “Disabled” in a text label). The item template consists of a table that contains multiple other items, buttons etc, which have not been included below. I therefore want to hide all elements that are found under the itemtemplate of a specific item.

change the asp button behaviour

When creating a form using an ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework) template, I have a TextBox that holds a string of characters and 2 buttons, one to reset the form and one to submit the form… When filling in the form the “reset” button works the same way as the “submit” button, in that the “required” tag is triggered if the textbox is empty when the user clicks the reset button. I can’t seem to get the button behaviour to work correctly.

Prevent jaws from reading “password” twice in password-type input fields

I have a password field that is reading out “password : password” by JAWS screen reader. I want to change that so it only reads out “password” once. I tried various things such as using an aria-hidden tag or aria-label=" " but I still get the same results. There was an identical question asked 5 years ago, however there was never a perfect answer given as the one marked still had its issues. Link to that here.