ASP.NET Core redirect http to https but I don’t want to do it in localhost also I use a different port

In ,net core 2.1, I want to redirect from http to https.

services.AddHttpsRedirection(options =>
    options.RedirectStatusCode = StatusCodes.Status301MovedPermanently;
    options.HttpsPort = 5001;

However in localhost I don’t use https, I just use http. Also I use a different port.
"MyProject": {
  "commandName": "Project",
  "launchBrowser": true,
  "applicationUrl": "http://localhost:50642",
  "environmentVariables": {

It doesn’t work in localhost unless I change the port to 5001 in launchSettings.json. How to make it working?


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Method 1

if you don’t want to redirect http > https in development, then in your Configure method use an if around app.UseHttpsRedirection();

if (appSettings.HttpsPort.HasValue)

Method 2

Just change the port as

"applicationUrl": "https://localhost:5001",

When you click F5 to debug, Visual Studio 2017 will ask you to install a cert for you automatically. You don’t have to manually to do it.

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