ASP.NET forum app: obtaining the answer with most likes

We are building a forum type web application, and we are tring to make the answers with most likes (and most dislikes) look different. The Answer entity has a Reactions property (list of reactions) that include likes and dislikes (those are differentiated with a boolean property, true for like, false for dislike). Is there a way to obtain the answer with most likes, and the answer with most dislikes, with a LINQ query directly? or we have to make a method that solves it?

EDIT: I have only one entity “Reactions” That represents both Likes and Dislikes. The only difference between the two of them, is a boolean property set on true for likes, and false on dislikes



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Method 1

EDIT: Based on Sajid’s comment, the query was simplified:

Of course:

reactions.Where(liked => Liked.IsLike && ( = 123)).Count()

or even
reactions.Count(liked => liked.IsLike && == 123)

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