ASP.NET GridView to List with headers

I would like to convert my GridView to a list with the headers as the first row.

This can convert my GridView into a list without headers.

var Result = GridView.Rows.OfType<GridViewRow>().Select(
                        r => r.Cells.OfType<TableCell>().Select(c => c.Text).ToArray()).ToList();

I am trying this to convert it back with the headers.

var myorgitem = GridView.Rows.OfType<GridViewRow>().Select(
                    r => r.Cells.OfType<TableCell>().ToDictionary(
                        c => ????????????????????, c => (c.Text ?? "").ToString())).ToList();

Thank you!


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Method 1

This works for now, but I would love to make it shorter and more efficient. This will convert any Gridview to a list with headers as the first row.

protected List<string[]> GridViewToList(GridView gv)
        var mylist = gv.Rows.OfType<GridViewRow>().Select(
                    r => r.Cells.OfType<DataControlFieldCell>().Select(
                        c => c.ContainingField.HeaderText).ToArray()).ToList();
        if (mylist.Count > 1)
            mylist.RemoveRange(1, mylist.Count - 1);

                    r => r.Cells.OfType<DataControlFieldCell>().Select(c => c.Text).ToArray()).ToList());
        return mylist;

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