membership – how to determine programmatically is user is in role

What is the code for determining if a user is in a role?

I have set up all the users through the ASP.NET Configuration Security tab but now want to put logic around some key areas so only people in certain roles can see and access these areas.


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Method 1

if (User.IsInRole("rolename")) {
  // my action

Method 2



Method 3

Check out the Roles class, specifically IsUserInRole, GetUsersInRole, AddUserToRole, etc.

I use these all the time.

Method 4

thanks to “Chris Van Opstal”. i solved my problem like this way,

    public ActionResult Index()

        if (User.IsInRole("Supervisor"))
            return RedirectToAction("Index", "InvitationS");
        return View();

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