odbcCommand not closing connection to mySql

Hi everyone,

i share my pics and my problem:

I have a loop (pic2) in which i need read the some data link to my id….

However… the function works but during longer loops after a while it return as too many connection; in clients connection page (pic1) i saw that the previous query weren’t disposed but i think my code (pic 3-4) is correct…

my co-worker suggested me to read it in one query through inner join, but i prefer to find another way for 2 reason:

  • my way of code is to make a query and load the records as custom class in a list and i would have to navigate directly in datatable and it’ll be messy
    -i have to read external data for a lot of field and one-shot query will be messy and hard to manage for other people

any idea? thk for reading


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Method 1

God that’s old school =) You’re not closing the data reader. Also please use using to avoid this eye sore. You can find a textbook example at .

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