ASP.NET VB.NET Search button on masterpage doesn’t navigate to the correct directory

I have a search input and button in a masterpage that I would like to redirect to the same directory that the user is currently in. If user is in, i would like the redirect to be If the user is in, I would like the redirect to be

I can only get it to redirect to one directory or the other.

I have tried HttpContext.Current.Request.PhysicalApplicationPath, and several other HttpContext ideas that do not work to get the current folder directory a user is in.

Response.Redirect("~/Manage/search.aspx?searchstring=" + qSearch.Text)
Response.Redirect("~/Field/search.aspx?searchstring=" + qSearch.Text)


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Method 1

I haven’t checked with a master page, but I think it’s easier than it seems. Since you always want the search.aspx page in the current directory, you don’t have to specify the directory.

Response.Redirect("search.aspx?searchstring=" + qSearch.Text)

I think that should always go to the nearest search page.

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