Assign ID to an Javascript button

In my code I have a button for entering data, but as shown in the image below it only reads the first line independent of the button.

Assign ID to an Javascript button

I believe this is because the button id is not being assigned to each row.

How can I get my id from each row to my button?

My ID is ID_Info

     <button class="btn ToEditbtn" ><span class="fa fa-plus-square" aria-hidden="true"></span>Edit</button>
     <button class="btn Editbtn" style="display:none"><span class="fa fa-plus-square-o" aria-hidden="true">Save</span></button>


@section scripts{

    $(function () {
        $("#ordertable").on("click", ".ToEditbtn", function () {
            var currenttr = $(this).closest("tr");
            currenttr.find(".Status").prop("disabled", false);
            currenttr.find(".Obs").prop("disabled", false);
        $("#ordertable").on("click", ".Editbtn", function () {
                var status = new Object();
                status.ID_Info = $(".ID_Info").val();
                status.Status = $(".Status").val();
                status.Obs = $(".Obs").val();





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Method 1

When you click on save button you are getting values using $(".ID_Info") this will not give you required value because there are mutliple class with same name . So, to target only required values you can use $(this).closest('tr').find('valueyouneedtofind').. i.e:

$("#ordertable").on("click", ".Editbtn", function() {
  var status = new Object();
  status.ID_Info = $(this).closest('tr').find(".ID_Info").val();
  status.Status = $(this).closest('tr').find(".Status").val();
  status.Obs = $(this).closest('tr').find(".Obs").val();
  //other codes

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