Automatically Kill IIS Express Process After Debugging (VS Express 2013 Web)

I’m developing an ASP.NET (Razor v2) Web Site in Visual Studio 2013 Express for Web, so when I run the site to debug, VS automatically starts up an IIS Express process.

When I stop debugging using the VS “Stop Debugging” button, the IIS Express System Tray and IIS Express Worker Process continue running, even after VS detaches. (And, I suspect, carrying a bad state from one run to the next, but that’s a different question entirely.)

Is there a VS option or project setting somewhere that I can set to automatically kill this process once I hit the “Stop Debugging” control in VS?


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Method 1

Yes, add the Terminate All button to your debug toolbar

  1. Right click tool bar area
  2. select Customize... from context menu
  3. In Customize dialog select Commands tab
  4. Select Toolbar Radio button
  5. From Toolbar Dropdown Select appropriate Toolbar
  6. Click Add Command... Button
  7. From Add Command dialog select Debug Category from list
  8. Select Terminate All from Commands list
  9. Click OK
  10. position Terminate All on the button bar using up/down buttons NB: this is a text only button
  11. Click Close

Just to clarify – I’m using VS2012 Pro and I’m assuming Terminate All exists in VS2013 Express. If you can’t find it I suggest clicking the Keyboard Button on the Customize dialog and search for ‘Terminate’

Method 2

Turns out this isn’t possible, since VS 2013 Express doesn’t include the “Terminate All” command. Would need the full version of VS 2013.

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