Binding ASP.Net Web.Config Settings To .ASPX File ?

The Scenario

I have an ASP.NET web project. I want to be able to define all of the links for the site inside my web.config file so that they can be changed easily if needs be. Currently I have an “” section in my web.config file.

The Question

How do I bind this key value pair to an ” tag in my .aspx file?!

The App Settings in My Web.Config File

    <add key="MyNewLink" value="" />

Help greatly appreciated.


Sorry I should have mentioned that this is for a html link: **<a href></a>**


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Method 1

In your aspx file it would be:

NavigateUrl='<%$ AppSettings:MyNewLink %>'

and the full <a> tag is defined as:
<a runat="server" href="<%$ AppSettings:MyNewLink %>" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener">Text link</a>

This syntax can only be used on an ASP.NET WebForms server control.

Method 2

Isn’t this what a .sitemap file is for?

Anyway, as far as I know, you will have to ‘bind’ this from code behind. Something like:

hlYourLink.NavigateUrl = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["MyNewLink"];

Method 3

I ended up using this……

.aspx file

<asp:literal id="litgetquote" runat="server"></asp:literal>

.aspx.cs CODE BEHIND

litgetquote.Text = "<A HREF='" + ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["GetQuoteUrl"] + "'>" +
            "get a quote now" + "</A>";

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