C# Sum Object List on specific property

I’m currently developing an ASP.NET app where I need to display several charts based on data I receive from a database. I receive them as a list of objects, which looks like this for example:

    { name: "A", val: 20 }, 
    { name: "A", val: 10 }, 
    { name: "B", val: 6 }, 
    { name: "C", val: 1 }, 
    { name: "C", val: 20 } 

I want to transform this list, the target list should look like this:

{ { name: "A", val: 30 } { name: "B", val: 6 }, { name: "C", val: 21 } }

I want all objects with name “A” to be “merged together” into one object, where val now is the sum of all values of the single objects. Currently I’m using a foor loop and a new List, which I loop through evvery time to achieve this, but I think this is very inefficient. There is probably some LINQ option to do this but I haven’t found anything. How can I optimize this?

Thanks in advance!


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Method 1

You can simply use a GroupBy and project the results

Groups the elements of a sequence.


var results = List.GroupBy(x => x.name)
                  .Select( x => new { name = x.Key, val = x.Sum(x => x.val) });

Method 2

You can use .GroupBy() to group list of object based on Name property and then use .Sum() to calculate sum of all values of Val property.

var groupResult = ListOfObject
    .GroupBy(x => x.Name)
    .Select(y => new
                Name= y.Key,
                Val = y.Sum(s => s.Val)

.Net Fiddle

Method 3

You can also sum it on database side

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