Call specific client from SignalR

I want to call specific client from server, and not broadcast to all of them. Problem is that I’m in scope of some AJAX request (in .aspx codebehind let say), and not in Hub or PersistentConnection, so don’t have Clients property – and client who made that ajax (jquery) call is not the client I want to send signalr message!

Now, I have one hub that it’s called on JS page load, which registers new client into server static list, so I have client Guids. But don’t know how to use that to send message from server to specific client.


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Method 1

See the docs for the latest:

Persistent connections –

Hubs –

Method 2

$('#sendmessage').click(function () {
    // Call the Send method on the hub. 
    chat.server.send($('#displayname').val(), $('#message').val(), $;
    // Clear text box and reset focus for next comment. 

at server side send the id of the client and response to that id
  public void Send ( string name , string message , string connID )
        Clients.Client(connID).broadcastMessage(name , message);

Method 3

Every time you send a request to the hub server, your request will have a different connection id, so, I added a static hash table that contains a username- which
is not changing continuously, and a connection id fro the signal r,every time you connect, the connection id will be updated

 $.connection.hub.start().done(function () {

and in the server code:
public class ChatHub : Hub
    private static Hashtable htUsers_ConIds = new Hashtable(20);
    public void registerConId(string userID)
            htUsers_ConIds[userID] = Context.ConnectionId;
            htUsers_ConIds.Add(userID, Context.ConnectionId);

Method 4

when you want to send a message to specific id

               new Message{From = e.Message.From, Body = e.Message.Body}

Method 5

If the specific user actually is the caller it self, you can use:


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