Can I setup an IIS MIME type in .NET?

Can I setup a custom MIME type through ASP.NET or some .NET code? I need to register the Silverlight XAML and XAP MIME types in IIS 6.


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Method 1

To add to the master mime type list:

using (DirectoryEntry mimeMap = new DirectoryEntry("IIS://Localhost/MimeMap"))
    PropertyValueCollection propValues = mimeMap.Properties["MimeMap"];

    IISOle.MimeMapClass newMimeType = new IISOle.MimeMapClass();
    newMimeType.Extension = extension; // string - .xap
    newMimeType.MimeType = mimeType;   // string - application/x-silverlight-app


Add a reference to :

‘System.DirectoryServices’ on the .NET add references tab
‘Active DS IIS Namespace Provider’ on the COM add references tab.

To configure a mime type for a specific site, change ..




…replacing '[iisnumber]' with the IISNumber of the website.

Method 2

‘Active DS IIS Namespace Provider’ on the COM add references tab.

If it’s not there, you have to install IIS on your machine.

See Is there a way to get ALL the MIME types instead of wrinting a huge case statement?

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