content page class method calling from master page class

I have a public method in my content page class, I want to call this method from master page class



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Method 1

You can inherit your page from a base class. Then you can create a virtual method in your base class which will get overridden in your page. You can then call that virtual method from the master page like this –

(cphPage.Page as PageBase).YourMethod();

Here, cphPage is the ID of the ContentPlaceHolder in your master page. PageBase is the base class containing the YourMethod method.

EDIT: Of course, you’ll have to put a null checking before you call the YourMethod method using the page’s instance.

Method 2

if you do not want to use any base page

add this to your master page,

private object callContentFunction(string methodName, params object[] parameters)
    Type contentType = this.Page.GetType();
    System.Reflection.MethodInfo mi = contentType.GetMethod(methodName);
    if(mi == null)return null;
    return mi.Invoke(this.Page, parameters);

then use it

callContentFunction(“myPublicMethodName”, myParam1, myParam2…);

Method 3


  1. Add New <%@ MasterType VirtualPath="location of your masterpage" %> directive to .aspx page
  2. Declare one public function in MasterPage.
  3. Call the function from content page using Master.functionName().

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