DbGeography does not work when published to a server

The following code works in my local machine while debugging but throws an error when published to a server.

public IEnumerable<Restaurant> Nearby(double latitude, double longitude, double distance)
    var region = DbGeography.PointFromText(string.Format("POINT({1} {0})", latitude, longitude), 4326).Buffer(10000);
    return Find(x => SqlSpatialFunctions.Filter(x.Location, region) ?? false);

After searching like a madman, I installed Microsoft.SqlServer.Types from nuget. (version 14.0.1016.290)

Added the required dlls in the ~/bin folder (provided by the above package).

Added the following code in Global.asax.cs


But still the code throws a “500 Internal Server Error. An error has occured”.

Note: This works perfectly in my local machine.


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Method 1

Whew, finally this answer worked.

Note: I had to include Microsoft.SqlServer.Types.dll from

~/packages/Microsoft.SqlServer.Types.14.0.1016.290libnet40 in the ~/bin folder as well

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